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Our suppliers are the most established companies of their sectors and they are the producer of the high quality products. They are helding a very competitive position in the market with their quality and prices. On the other hand Onlinegroup acts as a defender of the benefits of the importers from Turkey. With special agreements with clients online group may defends your rights in Turkey Market as a buyer and seller, may buy and sell on behalf of you, may represent you as a buyer and seller. If you don’t find your demands in under companies, please fill the inquiry form. We will provide you in Turkish Market.

 Agriculture (7)
 Automation Information Technologies (5)
 Automotive & Auto Spare Parts (30)
 Banking and Financial Institution (1)
 Building & Construction Equipments (20)
 Cables and Wires (7)
 Carpet (0)
 Ceramic (0)
 Chemical Industry (16)
 Construction Contracting (19)
 Consultancy (1)
 Demir Çelik endüstrisi (1)
 Electrics (5)
 Electronics and Electronic Products (7)
 Fair Organizers (1)
 Finance and Banking (4)
 Fishes & Nature (Sea, Water, Land) Products (0)
 Food and Food Processing (11)
 Furniture, Home Decoration (12)
 Glass and Glass Related Products (1)
 Healtcare and Hygiene Equpments & Products and Medical Systems (1)
 Heating and Air Conditioning Refreigeration (7)
 Home Appliance (0)
 Hydraulic & Pneumatic (9)
 Industrial Kitchen Equipments (8)
 Ironmongrey (2)
 ironmongery & hardware (0)
 Jewelery, Precious Metals (2)
 Leather and Leather Products (1)
 Machinery and Equipment (30)
 Marble (0)
 Measurement, Wight and Control Tools (0)
 Medical and Health (3)
 Metal Processing Industries (15)
 Misc. (1)
 Office and Storage Equipments, Materials and Softwares (9)
 Packaging Materials and Equipments (8)
 Paper and Cellulose Products (9)
 Pharmaceuticals (1)
 Plastic and Rubber Products (10)
 Playground (1)
 Printing and Printing Materials (0)
 Quarry and Mining and Related Industries (4)
 Shipyard and Boatyard (4)
 Solar Energy Systems (0)
 Telecommunications (4)
 Textile, Clothing (15)
 Tourism and Hotels (3)
 Trade and Foreign Trade (5)
 Traffic (1)
 Transportation (5)
 Water Treatment, Drilling and Sewerage Systems (11)
 Wood and wooden products (0)

Establishing a Business in Turkey

In this section, you will find the road map relating to administrative procedures that investors must follow for establishing a new business in Turkey and details of formal...

Demography and Labor Force

Turkey offers investors a young, talented, motivated and skilled workforce which is composed of 24.2 million people...

Cost of Doing Business in Turkey

In this section, you will find the information on cost of labor force, energy, communication and other similar factors.

Business Environment and Infrastructure

In this section, you will find information about Turkey's administrative structures related with business...

Incentives and Taxes

In this section, you will find the detailed informations relating to investment incentives which is applied in Turkey and general frame of tax applications.

FDI in Turkey

In this section, you will find the updated information and statistical indicators related with foreign direct investments in Turkey.

Land for Investment

In this section, you will find the legal regulations related to organized industrial zones, technology development...

Main Economic Indicators

Turkish economy has exhibited a growth far beyond the targets...

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